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1. Do you want to search around a position ... ?
(If you want to search on parameters other than object name or coordinates, select "Detailed Mission/Catalog Search".)

e.g. Cyg X-1 or 12 00 00, 4 12 6 or Cyg X-2; 12.235, 15.345 (Note use of semi-colons (;) to separate multiple object names or coordinate pairs) File should contain objects and/or coordinate pairs one per line or separated by semi-colons.
Default uses the optimum radius for each catalog searched.
... and/or search by date?
 YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss or MJD: DDDDD.ddd
Not all tables have observation dates. For those that do, the time portion of the date is optional. Separate multiple dates/ranges with semicolons (;). Range operator is '..'. (e.g. 1992-12-31; 48980.5; 1995-01-15 12:00:00; 1997-03-20 .. 2000-10-18)

2. What missions and catalogs do you want to search?

Gamma-Ray Missions

3. What types of information do you want to search for?

4. Do you want to modify the defaults for number of results and their display?


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