Usage with and without login

The user is free to use our service without login, but to access the full functionality, we require the user to login to the system. An account should be requested by clicking on "Sign -in" and then new user. It needs to be approved by the administrators. Special rights can be assigned to access private data and additional computation resources.

Logging-in will allow you to receive emails, use up to 500 science windows instead of 50, receive email notifications for jobs that are submitted and completed, receive python API code to reproduce the query and direct simplified contact for feedback.

Python API

If you are familiar with python, you can check the API usage at this url.

Complete threads

Some example analysis threads for the web interface

We provide some analysis threads for the online analysis using the web interface. They are based on a real case, they are not exhaustive, but they can be used as a base.

General tasks

Known Issues

It is not possible to change the Xspec model in the Fit of spectra. However, spectra can be downloaded and fit with another package.

A source named "NEW SOURCE" will not be used in extracting JEM-X spectrua and light curves. It is necessary to name it differently.

If you submit a job and the error "Forbidden" appears, it means that you should logout and login again from the web interface.