Description of the infrastructure: 

Leiden Observatory’s research covers most of astronomy, including high-energy astrophysics. Computational astrophysics is a key research area in which multiple groups at Leiden are active. Recent, cosmological, hydrodynamical simulations projects (co-)led by Leiden include OWLS, Cosmo-OWLS, EAGLE and BAHAMAS. In addition to simulations of representative volumes, Leiden astronomers have developed sets of simulations that zoom in on individual objects, such as the C-EAGLE cluster simulations. New computational techniques and simulations are continuously under development.

Offered services: 

Leiden Observatory offers access to and help with the analysis of cosmological, hydrodynamical simulations. The suite currently includes simulations from the OWLS, Cosmo-OWLS, EAGLE, BAHAMAS and C-EAGLE projects. The simulations span a wide range of box sizes, resolutions, cosmologies, and galaxy formation scenarios. The EAGLE simulations have already been used in over 250 refereed papers. Software is available for the creation of virtual observations, including both X-ray absorption and X-ray emission. The simulations are particularly well-suited for X-ray studies of the intracluster and intragroup media and the warm-hot intergalactic medium.

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Joop Schaye
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