Description of the infrastructure: 

The CAMK PAN is a leading astronomical institute in Poland. The main subjects of research are: stellar astrophysics, binary systems, circumstellar matter, dense matter and neutron stars, black holes, accretion processes, structure and evolution of active galaxies, cosmology, extrasolar planets. There are currently 34 faculty members, 18 post-docs, and 39 PhD students. The computer infrastructure includes cluster with 306 cores.

Offered services: 

The CAMK PAN team has developed neutron star and accretion disk atmospheres models; they are available on our computational cluster. The visitor will be able to define a grid of models, and to apply them to X-ray satellites. Those models has been recently applied to estimate accuracy of neutron star mass and radius determination with Athena WFI detector. In addition, new ray-tracing code is also ready to use to include relativistic corrections for spectra emitted in the vicinity of black holes and neutron stars. Theory of illumination by hard X-rays including photoionization and coexistence of cold and hot phase in multi-phase medium is continuously developed in CAMK PAN, and can be directly used in any source with available multi-wavelength data.

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Agata Rozanska
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