Description of the infrastructure: 

The University of Ferrara has a long experience in the analysis and broadband modeling of gamma-ray burst prompt and multi-wavelength afterglow emission data, which began BeppoSAX (1996-2002). The local high-energy astrophysics group currently has access to several computing facilities, that have been used to model the fluxes observed at various wavelengths of GRB afterglows.

Offered services: 

The infrastructure proposes access to detailed broadband models with sophisticated codes that require high computing facilities. Some results were published in constraining the possible presence of GRB jets in superluminous SNe as well as constraining the properties of the jet associated to GW170817A. The tools can also help visitors model GRB afterglows as well as constrain the presence of relativistic explosions possibly associated to other classes of explosive sources, such as specific classes of SNe.

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Cristiano Guidorzi
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