JEM-EUSO in Switzerland

The optical properties of the atmosphere at the location of EAS events will be monitored by a dedicated LIDAR system, which will be integrated into JEM-EUSO telescope (see HERE).

The LIDAR system will consist of three major building blocks:

  • the pump diodes mounted close to the focal plane of the telescope;
  • a laser head;
  • a pointing mirror near the front lens of the telescope.

The light of the pumping diodes will be guided to the laser head through an optical fibre. The placement of the different elements of the LIDAR system is schematically depicted in its preliminary configuration the figure below.

The pump diodes and laser head will be developed by RIKEN in Japan. The pointing mirror (in red on the figure below) with its associated control electronics will be developed by CSEM in Switzerland.

In the image above: schematic LIDAR placement on the JEM-EUSO telescope. The LIDAR pointing mirror unit to be developed in Switzerland is highlighted in red. In addition, the control electronics for this mirror will be developed and placed in the grey box on the focal surface. The laser head and pump diodes will be the developed by RIKEN.