Invited talks are in bold.


25 June 2013
09:00-09:55 Welcome (registration) and coffee
09:55-10:00 Introductory remarks
  SESSION 1 (Chair: R. Staubert)
10.00-10:45 Theory of disk accretion (D. Lai)
10.45-11:05 Disk accretion onto a magnetized star (Y. Istomin)
11.05-11:25 Dead discs, unstable discs and the stars they surround (C. D'Angelo)
11.25-11:45 Swinging between rotation and accretion power in a binary millisecond pulsar (A. Papitto)
11.45-12:05 A possible link between kHz QPOs and the magnetospheric boundary (M.H. Erkut)
12.05-12:20 discussion
12.20-12.30 Posters Advertisements (P7, P13, P14, P22)
12:30-14.00 lunch break
  SESSION 2 (Chair: J. Bouvier)
14:00-14.45 Theory of accretion onto young stellar objects (R. Pudritz)
14.45-15.05 The evolution of the star-disk interaction for newborn solar-like stars (S. Gregory)
15.05-15.25 Accretion shock stability on a dynamically heated YSO atmosphere with radiative transfer (L. DE SA)
15.25-15.45 2D/3D numerical modeling of YSO accretion shocks and their observational relevance (T. Matsakos)
15.45-16.15 coffee break
16:15-16.35 Observable Signatures of Classical T Tauri Stars Accreting in an Unstable Regime (R. Kurosawa)
16:35-16.55 discussion
16.55-17.00 Posters Advertisements (P01,P15)
  SESSION 3 (Chair: C. Hellier)
17:00-17.40 Theory of accretion onto white dwarfs (D. Wickramasinghe)
17:40-18.00 Features of the mass transfer in magnetic CVs with fast-rotating white dwarfs (P. Isakova)
18.00-18.15 discussion
18.15-18.20 Posters Advertisements (P12)


26 June 2013
  SESSION 4 (Chair: J. Wilms)
09.00-09:45 Theory of wind accretion (N. Shakura)
09.45-10.05 Do we see accreting magnetars in X-ray pulsars? (K. Postnov)
10.05-10:25 A multi-model approach to X-ray pulsars: Connecting spectral and timing models to pin down the intrinsic emission characteristics of magnetized, accreting neutron stars (G. Schonherr)
10.25-10.55 coffee break
10.55-11:15 Magnetic field structure in accretion columns on HMXB and the effect on CRSF (D. Mukherjee)
11.15-11:35 A reflection model for the cyclotron lines in the spectra of X-ray pulsars (A. Mushtukov)
11.35-11:55 Accretion in supergiant High Mass X-ray Binaries (A. Manousakis)
11.55-12.10 discussion
12.10-12.20 Posters Advertisements (P04, P02, P06, P05)
12:20-13.40 lunch break
  SESSION 5 (Chair: K. Postnov)
13.40-14.25 Numerical modelling of magnetospheric accretion, ejection and plasma-field interactions (M. Romanova)
14.25-14.45 MHD simulations of magnetized stars in the propeller regime of accretion (P. Lii)
14.45-15.05 3D MHD Simulations of Waves Excited in an Accretion Disc by a Rotating Magnetized Star (R. Lovelace)
15.05-15.25 Role of local absorption on the X-ray emission from MHD accretion shocks in classical T Tauri stars (R. Bonito)
15.25-15.45 Modulating magnetar emission by magneto-elastic oscillations (M. Gabler)
15.45-16.05 discussion
16.05-16-10 Posters Advertisements (P16, P17, P19, P20)
Social Event & dinner


27 June 2013
  SESSION 6 (Chair: M. Romanova)
09.00-09.45 Magnetospheric ejection (C. Zanni)
09.45-10.05 Three dimensional simulations of MHD disk winds to 90 AU scale from the protostar (J. Staff)
10:05-10:25 Magnetic field and angular momentum evolution models (F. Gallet)
10.25-10.45 discussion
10.45-11.25 coffee break
  SESSION 7 (Chair: M. Audard)
11.25-12:10 Observational clues to the physics at the magnetosphere in young stellar objects (S. Alencar)
Analysis of Star-Disk Interaction in Young Stellar Systems (N. N. J. Fonseca)
lunch break
Observational Tests of Magnetospheric Accretion Models in Young Stars (C. Johns-Krull)
14.20-14.40 Dynamic young stars and their disks: a temporal view (A. M. Cody)
14.40-15.00 Emission line diagnostics for accretion and outflows in young brown dwarfs (B. Stelzer)
15.00-15.20 Magnetic fields of Herbig Ae/Be stars (S. Hubrig)
15.20-15.40 discussion
15.35-15.45 Posters Advertisements (P11, P10, P18, P21)
coffee break
  SESSION 8 (Chair: M. Falanga)
Observational clues to the physics at the magnetosphere in white dwarf (C. Hellier)
V2487 Oph 1998: a post nova in an intermediate polar (M. Hernanz)
The perculiar binary system AE Aquarii from its characteristic multi-wavelength emission (B. Oruru)
Phased Resolved X-ray Spectroscopy of EX Hya and FO Aqr (Y. Pekon)
18.15-18-20 Posters Advertisements (P23)


28 June 2013
  SESSION 9 (Chair: I. Kreykenbohm)
Observational clues to the physics at the magnetosphere in neutron stars (J. Wilms)
Accretion geometry in the persistent Be/X-ray binary RX J0440.9+4431 (C. Ferrigno)
The stable accretion mechanism of GRO J1008-57 (M. Kuhnel)
The magnetic fields of neutron stars in BeXB in the SMC (H. Klus)
 coffee break
12.30-12.40 Posters Advertisements (P03, P09, P08)
lunch break
  SESSION 10 (Chair: P. Kretschmar)
Future perspectives in theory and observations: young stellar objects (J. Bouvier)
Future perspectives in theory and observations: compact objects (L. Stella)
Final discussion and concluding remarks


Posters will be advertised during the conference through a presentation of 1 slide for about 1 min.
All posters will be displayed during the entire conference in the coffee break hall.
P01 3D Grey Radiative Properties of Accretion Shocks in Young Stellar Objects (L. Ibgui)
P02 Latest Results of pulse phase resolved spectroscopy of CRSFs in accretion powered pulsars & their implications (C. Maitra)
P03 Pulse-phase resolved analysis of the Be/X-ray binary GX 304-1 observed with INTEGRAL during an outburst (C. Malacaria)
P04 A new simulation for modeling cyclotron lines (F.-W. Schwarm)
P05 XMM-Newton look at 1A 0535+262 in quiescence (V. Doroshenko)
P06 Timing and spectral properties of the X-ray pulsar 4U\,0115+63: pulse period history and cyclotron absorption line energy (P. Boldin)
P07 The reflection component in NS LMXBs (A. D'Ai)
P08 Pulse-to-pulse variations in accreting X-ray pulsars (P. Kretschmar)
P09 RXTE and Swift Observations of SWIFT J1729.9-3437 (A. Baykal)
P10 The high energy view of DG Tau (C. Schneider)
P11 The Herbig Ae SB2 system HD 104237 (S. Hubrig)
P12 Long term variability of low mass X-ray binaries with late type giant companions (E. Filippova)
P13 Suzaku studies of 4U 1822: an LMXB involving a strongly magnetized neutron star (M. Sasano)
P14 Evolution of the accretion geometry through an outburst decay phase of the NS-LMXB Aquila X-1 (S. Sakurai)
P15 Interactions between exoplanets and the stellar winds of young stars (A. Vidotto)
P16 Boundary between stable and unstable regimes of accretion (A. Blinova)
P17 Oscillations of the boundary layer and high-frequency QPOs (A. Blinova)
P18 The magnetosphere of the close accreting pre-main sequence binary V4046 Sgr (S. Gregory)
P19 The NuSTAR ULX program (M. Bachetti)
P20 A NuSTAR view on GS 0834-430 (M. Bachetti)
P21 Episodic accretion: interactions between the accretion disk and the stellar magnetosphere (M. Audard)
P22 The neutron star low mass X-ray binary Cen X-4: learning from quiescent variability (F. Bernardini)
P23 New Observations of Accretion Phenomena in Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables (D. Buckley)