A compact detector for Gamma Ray Bursts photon polarization measurements


The POLAR-2 Collaboration

The construction of the POLAR-2 Detector is performed in Europe and China by the following institutes:



University of Geneva (Department for Particle and Astroparticle Physics & Observatory):

Xin Wu:               PI of the POLAR-2 project
Merlin Kole:        Project Manager
Nicolas Produit:  Head of POLAR-2 online software system
Jerome Stauffer:  Head of Front-End development
Nicolas de Angelis: Detector module development and calibration
Franck Cadoux:    Head of POLAR-2 Mechanics
Johannes Hulsman:   Simulation development
Hancheng Li:        Post-doc at observatory for POLAR/POLAR-2

NCBJ, Poland:

Agnieszka Pollo:    Polish PI
Dominik Rybka:     Head of Back-End development and Low Votage Power Supply development
Slawomir Mianowski: Component level irradiation tests
Adam Zadrozny:     Online software development

MPE, Germany:

Jochen Greiner:     German PI / Head of spectrometer development MPE
J. Michael Burgess: POLAR-2 Project scientist


Shuang-Nan Zhang:   Chinese PI
Jianchao Sun:       Head of POLAR-2 acceptance test/spectrometer development IHEP
Bobing Wu:          Prof at IHEP working on POLAR/POLAR-2