Reflected emission  from a torus with variable covering fraction. The models are computed using RefleX 3.0

See Paltani & Ricci, A&A 607, A31 (2017) and Ricci & Paltani, ApJ 945, 55 (2023)

Input continuum: cutoff power-law. The cutoff energy is fixed to 200 keV.
Energy range: The table models cover energies from 0.3 keV to 500 keV.
Model details:

Models use the composition from Lodders, et al., LanB, 4B, 712 (2009).

All atoms are neutral and 20% of Hydrogen is in molecular form.

Rayleigh scattering and Compton scattering on bound electrons are taken into account.

Dust is implemented according to Draine, ApJ 596, 1026 (2003).

Model name: RXTorus_MMM_DDD_XXXX.mod

    MMM:    Metallicity (1=Solar)

    DDD  :    Dust fraction (1=all Fe atoms in dust form)  

    XXXX:   Component of the reflected emission
        cont: continuum absorption component - exponential table
        cont_mult: continuum absorption component - multiplicative table
        scat: scattered component only; no fluorescence emission
        fluo: fluorescence emission (including subsequent scattering)
        rprc: all reprocessed components, i.e. rprc=scat+fluo


    In xspec, a typical usage would be:

        model phabs(atable{RXTorus_1.0_1.0_rprc.mod}+

    The multiplicative absorption table can be used as follows:

        model phabs(atable{RXTorus_1.0_1.0_rprc.mod}+

    The multiplicative absorption table should be used only if etable is not supported (e.g., Sherpa)



    The "cont" table has the following parameter:

         Nh       (10^22 cm-2) :   1 (0.001 - 1000)   Hydrogen column density along the line of sight
        z                     :   0     (0 -    5)   Redshift

    The "scat", "fluo" or "rprc" model tables have the following parameters:

        PhoIndex              :   1.9   (1 -    3)   Photon index of the input continuum
        NHeq     (10^22 cm-2) :   1     (1 - 1000)   Equatorial column density of the torus
        Inclination     (deg) :  45     (0 -   90)   Viewing angle (0=face-on)
        r/R                   :   0.5   (0 -    1)   Inner-to-outer radius ratio of the torus
        z                     :   0     (0 -    5)   Redshift
        norm  (ph keV-1 cm-2) :   1     (0 - 1e20)   Photon flux of the input continuum at 1 keV

        - r/R=0.5 is the geometry implemented in MYTorus. r/R=1 is a horn torus.
        - When using "scat" and "fluo" table separately, parameters should in principle be linked

Important note about NH:

    The NH parameter of the "cont" attenuation model is the column density
    along the line of sight and is NOT the same as the NHeq parameter of the
    "scat", "fluo" or "rprc" model tables, which is the column density along
    the equator. This is to avoid interpolation problems when the torus
    geometry changes. This could also allow to simulate an approximation of a
    clumpy medium by letting the line-of-sight NH differ from that expected
    from simple geometry.
    Generally, however, the user will want NH et NHeq set consistently. This
    can be easily achieved using the model described above (see "Usage")
    through the setting of the parameters. We assume that the model is defined

        model phabs(atable{RXTorus_rprc_1_200.mod.gz}+

    The parameters should be set as follows:

        RXT_cont:nH>        =p3*sqrt(max(0.0,1.0-(cosd(p4)/p5)**2.0))
        RXT_cont:z>         =p6
        cutoffpl:PhoIndex>  =p2
        cutoffpl:HighECut>  200 -1
        cutoffpl:norm>      =p7

    assuming that p2 is the PhoIndex parameter of the RXTorus table, p3 NHeq, p4 Inclination, p5 r/R, p6 z and p7 norm.



Parameters Metallicity 0.3 Metallicity 1.0 Metallicity 2.0
Dust 0.0 All files All files All files
Dust 0.5 All files All files All files
Dust 1.0 All files All files All files


Previous models:

These models have been computed with RefleX 1.0. Note that composition is angr (Anders & Grevesse, GeCoA, 53, 197, 1989)

Parameters Continuum absorption Reprocessed emission Scattered emission Fluorescence emission
 Metallicity=1,  ECUT=200keV  RXTorus_cont_1.mod_.gz RXTorus_rprc_1_200.mod_.gz RXTorus_scat_1_200.mod_.gz RXTorus_fluo_1_200.mod_.gz