Current status

From 22 January, it is NOT necessary to present a test to enter Switzerland for vaccinated or healed people. Only vaccinated or healed people are allowed to participate to the school. Wearing a face mask will be enforced: we will distribute auto-tests and FFP2 mask to all participants.

Please follow the official recommendation, as they might change at any moment. EU and Swiss COVID-19 certificates are mutually reckognised. However, should you have a certificate that is not valid in Switzerland, you can apply for a Swiss certificate at this governmental website well in advance of the school.

Update: Rapid/antigen and PCR COVID testing is currently available in the Saas-Fee valley. For up-to-date information please see the relevant website of the Saas-Fee village.   

It is the responsibility of the school participant to verify if they are eligible to enter Switzerland and participate in the school. We decline any responsibility in case of travel restrictions.