Monday 11 February
Session on Multimessenger astronomy - EM counterparts and INTEGRAL, chaired by Erik Kuulkers
13:50 (10 min) Carlo Ferrigno ** Welcome (P)
14:00 (30 min) Marica Branchesi ** The electromagnetic hunt of gravitational-wave counterparts (I)

14:30 (20 min) Volodymyr Savchenko ** Hunting for elusive short and energetic multi-messenger transients with INTEGRAL (S)
14:50 (20 min) Peter Veres ** GRB prompt emission and synergies between gamma-ray observatories multi-messenger era (S)
15:10 (15 min) James Rodi ** GRB Real-Time Analysis with IBIS/PICsIT on board INTEGRAL (C)
15:25 (15 min) Antonios Nathanail ** Magnetized jets and explosions from the merger of a Neutron star binary (C)
15:40 (15 min) Thomas Godard ** The Past, Present & Future of INTEGRAL Operations (C)
15:55 (30 min) Coffee Break
Session on Multimessenger astronomy - Gravitational waves and kilonovae, chaired by Erik Kuulkers
16:25 (30 min) Chris Fryer ** Neutron Stars and Gravitational Wave Events (I)
16:55 (20 min) Philippe Jetzer ** LISA Science and multi-messenger astronomy (S)
17:15 (15 min) Jonas Lippuner ** r-Process nucleosynthesis and kilonova overview (C)
17:30 (3 min) Shigeyuki Karino ** Evolution of wind-fed High Mass X-ray Binaries (P)
17:33 (3 min) Celia Sanchez-fernandez ** The clock wagging its tail:INTEGRAL detection of X-ray burst-induced coronal cooling in GS 1826-24 (P)
17:36 (3 min) Mariusz Tarnopolski ** Analysis of the duration-hardness ratio plane of gamma-ray bursts using skewed distributions (P)
17:39 (3 min) Katerina Goluchova ** Power density spectra of modes of orbital motion in strongly curved space-time: obtaining the observable signal (P)
17:42 (3 min) Halim Ashkar ** Searches for TeV gamma-ray counterparts to Gravitational Wave events with H.E.S.S. (P)
17:45 (3 min) Marta Dzielak ** Comparison of spectral models for disc truncation in the hard state of GX 339-4 (P)
17:48 (3 min) Alessandro Ursi ** Detection of short GRBs and sub-threshold events with the AGILE MCAL (P)
17:51 (3 min) Janusz Ziolkowski ** The effect of the illumination on the evolution of the binary system V821 Ara/GX 339-4 (P)
18:00 (120 min) Welcome aperitive
Tuesday 12 February
Session on Multimessenger astronomy - GRB, chaired by Volodymyr Savchenko
09:00 (30 min) Peter Meszaros ** A theoretical framework for GRBs (I)
09:30 (25 min) Luigi Piro ** An observational overview of GRBs (S)
09:55 (20 min) J. Michael Burgess ** Gamma-ray bursts as cool synchrotron sources (C)
10:15 (20 min) Dmitrii Frederiks ** GRB observations with Konus-WIND experiment (C)
10:35 (25 min) Coffee Break
Session on Multimessenger astronomy - neutrinos, FRB, and cosmic rays, chaired by Volodymyr Savchenko
11:00 (30 min) Sara Buson ** Linking electromagnetic observations to neutrino astrophysics (I)
11:30 (15 min) Christian Gouiffes ** The 2017 INTEGRAL campaign of the Fast Radio Burst FRB121102: results and prospects (C)
11:45 (15 min) Silke Britzen ** Neutrinos from TXS 0506+056 (C)
12:00 (15 min) Andrea Tramacere ** Stochastic acceleration in blazars: theory and phenomenology with a focus on the X-ray/hard X-ray emission (C)
12:15 (15 min) Shu Zhang ** Burst probe to XRB accretion and Insight-HXMT observation (C)
12:35 (85 min) Lunch Break
Session on Multimessenger astronomy -- neutron stars, chaired by Sandro Mereghetti
14:00 (30 min) Aleksi Vuorinen ** Constraining the equation of state of neutron star matter with observations (I)
14:30 (20 min) Matteo Guainazzi ** Multi-Messenger astrophysics with Athena (S)
14:50 (15 min) Joesph Gelfand ** MeV emission from Pulsar Wind Nebulae (C)
15:05 (15 min) Alexei Ivlev ** Gamma-Ray Emission from Molecular Clouds Generated by Penetrating Cosmic Rays (C)
15:20 (15 min) Rosario Iaria ** Spectral Analysis of the eclipsing source MXB 1659-298 (C)
15:35 (3 min) Alexandros Filothodoros ** A long term hard X-ray analysis of GRS 1758-258 using INTEGRAL data. (P)
15:38 (3 min) Jessymol K Thomas ** "MAXI J 1820+070: A new black hole low-mass X-ray binary candidate.""" (P)
15:41 (3 min) Alessandra Costantino ** Constructing an IBIS/ISGRI slew survey (P)
15:44 (3 min) Martin Urbanec ** Constraining neutron star equation of state from X-ray observations (P)
15:47 (3 min) Gabriela Urbancova ** Properties of the Hartle-Thorne epicyclic oscillations (P)
15:50 (25 min) Coffee Break
Session on Multimessenger astronomy - Future perspectives, chaired by Sandro Mereghetti
16:15 (30 min) Eleonora Troja ** Search of neutron star mergers in the GRB population (I)
16:45 (20 min) Jan Uwe Ness ** Towards a better coordination of Multimessenger observations: VO and future developments (S)
17:05 (15 min) Lorenzo Amati ** The Transient High-Energy Sky and Early Universe Surveyor (THESEUS) (S)
17:20 (15 min) Ehud Behar ** ISS-TAO (C)
17:35 (15 min) Maurizio Falanga ** Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables discovered in hard X-rays (C)
19:00 (180 min) Social Dinner
Wednesday 13 February
Session on AHEAD - Context, chaired by Lorenzo Natalucci
09:00 (15 min) Peter Von Ballmoss Lorenzo Natalucci ** Looking AHEAD in Gamma-Ray Astronomy (S)
09:15 (30 min) Andreas Zoglauer ** Next Generation Compton Telescope (I)

10:00 (15 min) Vincent Tatischeff ** From e-ASTROGAM to an All-Sky Gamma-ray Imager (S)
10:15 (15 min) Lorraine Hanlon ** Nanosatellites for gamma-ray astronomy (S)
10:30 (30 min) Coffee Break
Session on AHEAD Telescopes, Polarization, chaired by Lorenzo Natalucci
11:00 (15 min) Rui Curado Da Silva ** Polarimetry in Gamma-ray Astronomy (S)
11:15 (15 min) Nicolas Produit ** POLAR and POLAR-2 (S)
11:30 (15 min) Hsiang Kuang Chang ** Concept study of a small Compton polarimeter to fly on a cubesat (S)
11:45 (15 min) Denis Bernard ** Characterizing the performance of the MeV gamma-ray telescopes and polarimeters of the future. (C)
12:00 (15 min) Alexander Moiseev ** Investigation of the Galactic Center with GalacticCenterExplorer (GalCenEx) (C)
12:15 (15 min) Richard Miller ** Ex Luna Scientia - The Lunar Occultation Explorer (LOX) (S)
12:30 (90 min) Lunch Break
Session on Extragalactic astronomy, chaired by Pietro Ubertini
14:00 (30 min) Gabriele Ghisellini ** Recent development on extra-galactic astronomy: a hard X-ray view (I)
14:30 (20 min) Elisa Prandini ** MAGIC extragalactic highlights from a MeV perspective (S)
14:50 (20 min) Stephane Paltani ** Self-consistent modeling of the environment of supermassive black holes (S)
15:10 (15 min) Gabriele Bruni ** A high fraction of restarting sources in soft gamma-ray selected giant radio galaxies (C)
15:25 (15 min) Francesco Ursini ** High-energy view of hard X-ray selected radio galaxies (C)
15:40 (15 min) Gabriel Torok ** On mass of the active galactic nucleus black hole XMMUJ134736.6+173403 (C)
15:55 (25 min) Coffee Break
Session on Galactic astronomy, chaired by Roman Krivonos
16:20 (30 min) John Tomsick ** Hard X-ray observations of Galactic sources: the HMXB population and black hole spin (I)
16:50 (20 min) Victoria Grinberg ** An obsevational view on X-ray binary black holes (S)
17:10 (15 min) Ileyk El Mellah ** Enhanced accretion and wind-captured discs in high mass X-ray binaries (C)
17:25 (15 min) Floriane Cangemi ** Long term spectral study of Cygnus X-1 using INTEGRAL (C)
17:40 (15 min) Piotr Lubinski ** Characteristic geometries of accretion in Cyg X-1 found with INTEGRAL (C)
Thursday 14 February
Session on Galactic astronomy, chaired by Alexander Lutovinov
09:00 (20 min) Alice Borghese ** Magnetars: neutron stars at the extreme (I)
09:20 (20 min) Alessandro Papitto ** Accretion and rotation-powered pulsars: two distinct classes? (S)
09:40 (15 min) Andrea Sanna ** Observational updates on accreting millisecond X-ray pulsars (C)
09:55 (15 min) Simona Michela Mazzola ** Study of cyclical behaviour in spectral states transition of NS-LMXB systems (C)
10:10 (15 min) Khaled Alizai ** A catalog of long duration thermonuclear bursts observed with INTEGRAL (C)
10:25 (15 min) Sergey Grebenev ** New findings from the broad-band spectra of X-ray novae observed with INTEGRAL (C)
10:40 (10 min) Mike Revnivtsev Prize Award Cerimony
10:50 (15 min) Coffee Break
Session on Galactic astronomy, chaired by Jerome Rodriguez
11:05 (20 min) Jerome Chenevez ** NICER overview and results so far (I)
11:25 (20 min) Gianluca Israel ** The Extragalactic Population of Neutron Stars: the ULX paradigm revolution (S)
11:45 (15 min) Alexander Lutovinov ** Accreted highly magnetized neutron stars: recent progress (C)
12:00 (15 min) Maica Clavel ** NuSTAR search for HMXBs among the unidentified INTEGRAL sources (C)
12:15 (15 min) Peter Kretschmar ** Vela X-1 as a laboratory for accretion in High-Mass X-ray Binaries (C)
12:30 (15 min) Andrzej Zdziarski ** Disc truncation and relativistic effects in inner accretion flows in black-hole binaries (C)
12:45 (15 min) Ilya Mereminskiy ** Timing and spectral view on accretion disk trucation radius (C)
13:00 (60 min) Lunch Break
Session on AHEAD Compton- and Pair-telescopes, chaired by Peter von Ballmoos
14:00 (30 min) Torsten Ensslin ** Information Field Theory for Gamma-Ray Astronomy (I)
14:30 (15 min) Carolyn Kierans ** The All-Sky Medium Energy Gamma-Ray Observatory (S)
14:45 (15 min) Paolo Cumani ** Background of Gamma-Ray telescopes in low-Earth orbit (S)
15:00 (15 min) Aleksandar Gostojic ** Gamma-ray background study for future Compton-telescope missions using COSI flight data (S)
15:15 (15 min) Peter Bloser ** The Advanced Scintillator Compton Telescope (ASCOT) (S)
15:30 (15 min) Aldo Morselli ** Instruments optimizations for low energy Gamma-ray detection (S)
15:45 (30 min) Coffee Break
Session on AHEAD - Detection of Gamma-Ray Bursts, chaired by Peter von Ballmoos
16:15 (15 min) Bertrand Cordier ** SVOM (S)
16:30 (15 min) Filippo Frontera ** ASTENA, a new mission concept for an Advanced Surveyor of Transient Events and Nuclear Astrophysics (S)

16:45 (15 min) Enrico Virgilli ** The Wide Field Monitor and Narrow Field Telescope on board the ASTENA mission (C)
17:00 (15 min) Luciano Burderi ** The HERMES project (High Energy Rapid Modular Ensemble of Satellites): probing pace-time quantum foam and hunting for gravitational wave electromagnetic counterparts. (S)
17:15 (15 min) Judith Racusin ** BurstCube: A CubeSat for Gravitational Wave Counterparts (S)
17:30 (15 min) Matthew Kerr ** Glowbug, a Gamma-Ray Telescope for Bursts and Other Transients (C)
17:45 (3 min) Debora Lancova ** Global GRRMHD simulation of thin accretion disc stabilized by magnetic field (P)
17:48 (3 min) Niels Lund ** Special features in JEM-X OSA-11 (P)
17:51 (3 min) Aymeric Sauvageon ** ISGRI: background evolution and noisy pixel handling (P)
17:54 (3 min) Philippe Laurent ** XGRE: a TGF/GRB detector on the TARANIS space mission (P)
17:57 (3 min) Lingsong Ge ** Bayesian Hierarchical Method of AGN X-ray Spectral Fitting (P)
Session on INTEGRAL data analysis (special), chaired by Guillaume Belanger
18:05 (15 min) Andrii Neronov ** Online Data Analysis system of CDCI (C)
18:20 (30 min) Guaillaume Belanger ** Special session on INTEGRAL in the astrophysics community (S)
Friday 15 February
Session on Gamma-ray lines, chaired by Roland Diehl
09:00 (20 min) Thomas Siegert ** INTEGRAL contributions to gamma-ray line studies (S)
09:20 (30 min) Fiona Helen Panther ** Gamma-ray lines in modern astrophysics (I)
09:50 (15 min) Christoph Weinberger ** Ti44 emission from young galactic supernova remnants (C)
10:05 (15 min) Moritz Pleintinger ** 26Al in the ISM throughout the Galaxy: Models versus Observations (C)
10:20 (15 min) Angela Malizia ** INTEGRAL view of the extragalactic sky (C)
10:35 (25 min) Coffee Break
Session on Surveys, chaired by Pietro Ubertini
11:00 (30 min) Dominique Eckert ** The eROSITA all-sky survey (I)
11:30 (15 min) Roman Krivonos ** Recent results from hard X-ray surveys (S)
11:45 (15 min) Tony Bird ** INTEGRAL Surveys - the search for transients (S)
12:00 (15 min) Victoria Lepingwell ** Machine learning for source detection in IBIS/ISGRI data. (C)
12:15 (15 min) Werner Collmar ** The CGRO/COMPTEL Allsky Survey at MeV Energies (C)
12:30 (10 min) Carlo Ferrigno ** Concluding remarks (P)
(I - invited speaker, S - solicited speaker, C - contributed talk)