We require the participants to arrive on Sunday (March 19) as the school starts early (8:15) on Monday morning.

Note that:

  • a welcome reception will take place on March 19 in the evening
  • a several-hour-long afternoon break is scheduled. Participants are encouraged to do winter sports (see "free-afternoon activities" page) or simply interact with each other.
  • participants will have the opportunity to display a poster (A0 format) presenting their work in the class room and to discuss it during the coffee breaks
  • Social activities and school dinner will be organized on Thursday (see "social activities and school dinner" page)
  • The school will end on Friday (March 24) at noon


A PDF version of the program of the school and a day-per-day outline of the lectures can be found ---> HERE



Prof. Jérémy Blaizot (JB)


JB L1 to L4: Structure formation, accretion flows, and galactic winds

JB L5 & L6 Emission from the CGM


Hands-on with Dr. Léo Michel-Dansac:

JB HO1 & HO2: Scattering experiments to interpret the observations of extended emission around galaxies (spectral shape and surface brightness profiles)


Prof. Céline Peroux (CP)


CP L1: Global quantities: cold gas (atomic and molecular), baryon cycle

CP L2: Basic of absorbers: Voigt profile fitting, number density, column density distribution

CP L3: Metal & Dust content: measuring metallicity, metal and dust mass densities, open issues

CP L4: Zooming on CGM: multi-phase observational signatures

CP L5: Future: emission, tomography, instruments


Hands-on with Dr. Dylan Nelson:

CP HO1: General introduction to TNG/EAGLE/SIMBA API

CP HO2: Global quantities: global quantities of one halo and multiple haloes

CP HO3: Reproducing observables: surface density, emission

CP HO4: Predicting the baryon cycle: mass flow rates


Prof. Michele Fumagalli (MF)


MF L1: Observing the multiphase CGM

MF L2: Observing the CGM via hydrogen/helium emission

MF L3: Observing the CGM via metal emission

MF L4: Galaxies, the CGM, and IGM: putting it all together

MF L5: The role of environment on the CGM


Hands-on with Dr. Alejandro Benitez Llambay:

MF HO1: Modeling absorption line systems (with Cloudy)

MF HO2: Emission spectra in IFU (MUSE)


Updated on March 2, 2023