Social activities --

see the latest update below


On Thursday afternoon, we will play "fun games" outside organized by “Mountain Evasion” such as Balance game, Giant snowshoe race, Tug of war, Snake slalom with a sledge, Giant curling, and Pulling sledge race. These are team-building games, and we have a competition among groups (5-6 persons each) with some prizes. Participants will be randomly divided into groups, which will be announced later.


We would like to note that our social activities depend on the weather and snow conditions. In case it is snowing, we will organize a guided snowshoe hike in the region. If the weather is bad, we could enjoy the spa and the pool in the hotel.  


Update on the 28th of Feb. 

Very unfortunately, this is the warmest winter in Europe. There is not so much snow in Les Diablerets, in particular in the village, where fun games are organized (see webcam). If the snow condition is not suitable for fun games/snowshoe hikes (i.e., no snow), we are visiting Bex Salt Mines by 2 charted buses (45 to 60 mins), leaving the hotel at 15:00. The tour lasts ~2 hours. Then we plan to come back to the hotel at 19:00. The temperature inside is 18 ̊C all year round, so you are recommended to wear warm clothing. All the spaces visited are well ventilated and lit. Comfortable shoes are recommended. The visit is suitable for all ages. For safety reasons, visitors must be able to move around inside the mines without the need for aids such as wheelchairs, walkers or strollers. 


Let's hope that it will be snowing in the coming weeks! However, even if we do not have snow there, no worries, we can still have a unique and unforgettable experience in the heart of the salt mountain! 

Update on the 17th of Mar.  

Unfortunately, the snow condition is not so ideal in the village. As we might expect some snow on Sunday, we will organize the fun games at 15:30 on Monday afternoon (instead of at 15:00 on Thursday). We will meet at the entrance of the hotel and leave there at 15:30.  If the amount of snow is found to be not enough, the organizing company Mountain Evasion” will contact us and cancel our activity by Monday morning, and then we are going to the Salt mines on Thursday as mentioned above. On the morning of the 17th, there was not so much but enough amount of snow to play fun games as they had some snow some time ago. The picture below shows the location where we play fun games (blue circle), which is taken by Mountain Evasion this morning.

We will announce the grouping of the fun games on the slack channel and keep you updated about the snow conditions. We suggest you wait for our final announcement on Monday morning and not buy ski tickets and rent equipment until then.



The latest and final update on 20th March

We are very happy to inform you that we have fun snow games at 15:30 today. Please check the list of groups uploaded on the slack channel (10 teams with 7-8 people).  The program today also got updated: at 13:30-15:00 Jeremy’s hands-on session and 15:20 Meeting at the entrance of the hotel, where mountain evasion is coming to pick up us. The place where we play fun games is 5 mins walk from the hotel, which is just next to the ski lift. We are leaving the hotel at 15:30, so please make sure to come on time with clothes suitable for snowy activities (probably we have wet and little snow). 


School dinner --


On Thursday night, we will have Swiss traditional fondue in a lovely chalet near the hotel. A group of bell ringers “sonneurs de cloches” will escort us to the chalet. We will enjoy their sound with aperitif hot wine. We are meeting at the entrance at 19:15 and leaving the hotel to go to the chalet at 19:30, The fondue starts at 20:00.  


An alternative menu will be proposed for those who don't like cheese. Please directly contact the hotel by email/reservation form if you have a problem with cheese fondue **by 21st Feb.**.