Access to Les Diablerets:  More information can be found on the website of the village.

By air: The closest airport is the Geneva airport, located about 120 km away (about 2-2.5 hours away by train from Les Diablerets), serving many European destinations. The main international airport in Switzerland is Zurich airport, situated about 250 km away (4-5h by train from Les Diablerets). A third possibility is Basel-Mulhouse airport, located at a similar distance from Les Diablerets as Zurich airport.

By train: The village of Les Diablerets can be easily reached by train. The hotel is at 8-min walk from the train station. From all trains, you will have to change in Aigle to take a small mountain train up to Les Diablerets. There are trains leaving directly both from the Geneva and Zurich airports. You can find the time table and check the connections from European cities at



By car: The village of Les Diablerets can be easily reached by car (map).


Visa restrictions:

Switzerland does not require a visa for visits shorter than 90 days for most countries. However, please, check the Visa regulations for the entry to Switzerland for specific countries. Participants needing visas may wish to contact the organizers if they need help.



Switzerland has its own currency, the Swiss Franc (CHF). While credit cards are widely accepted, you can carry at least some amount of cash, e.g. in order to pay for a snack or for public transportation in cities. Money can be changed at airports and at the larger train stations or at banks.